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Yaccess HR Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a company which has been incorporated in India to become the world’s Largest Management service Provider across all Industries. Quality of Service is what we deliver to all our Clients. We recognize that our success depends entirely on how well we serve our clients and nothing else takes precedence over our commitment to provide proactive, timely and responsive professional services.

Our experienced professionals have provided effective solutions at all industry levels, ranging from top management to entry level positions. Immense and focused industrial knowledge is also characterized by minimum turn-around-time, which means your needs are dealt on a priority basis and your requirements are met well in advance or within the set deadlines.


Permanent Staffing

Yaccess services includes permanent staffing, from administrative to specialised needs, we provide talents to Retail, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Engineering & Technical, Information Technology domains.

Turnkey Recruitment

Yaccess has demonstrated experience in delivering large, turnkey, project-linked hiring’s. These are vast, complex exercises that requires precision planning. They are time-bound deliverables and often involve multi-city, multi-level and multi-skill hiring.


Yaccess understands the need of providing quality resources to our clients who are not only competent in their specific skills but are also equipped with necessary soft skills to conduct themselves in corporate culture. To that extent we have an external tie-up with soft skill trainers who train fresher’s in their communication, presentation and overall personality development, which would definitely help them in creating an edge for themselves during the recruitment process.


Yaccess values and understands the importance of time in entire recruitment process. To help our clients reduce their effort and time in hiring a right candidate, we work with clients in providing a specialised pre-screening services in IT, Retail domain by using screening tools developed in collaboration with experts in these industries.

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You are Amazing!

They are very professional and makes recruitment much easier. I am looking forward for more of their services.

Akash Khaitan Software Engineer, Soulastral

We are impressed

We love the way you approch people and staff.

Dasari Chaitanya upcubes.com

Thank You!

Thanks for providing the best training for my co workers.



We strive to recruit people with exceptional talent and ability—and to celebrate their differences. We develop our people and give them the opportunity to be the best they can be. We are committed to making Yaccess a place where everyone has the potential to succeed.

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